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Our Program

AVID is a college readiness system for elementary through higher education that is designed to increase school-wide learning and performance. The AVID College Readiness System accelerates student learning, uses research-based methods of effective instruction, provides meaningful and motivational professional learning, and acts as a catalyst for systemic reform and change. AVID enables students to become competitively eligible for entrance to and success in four-year colleges and universities as well as later in life.

Principal's Message

My name is Scott Parr and I am the proud principal of Steele Canyon High School. 


I was introduced to AVID in 2014 during my first year as an assistant principal at Steele Canyon and noticed immediately how closely it coincided with my core beliefs about education.  AVID is a program that truly believes all students are capable learners with limitless potential when provided the proper supportive environment.  


Steele Canyon’s AVID teachers embody the AVID philosophies and also provide our students with a community of adults and peers with whom they can share their successes and challenges with.


Steele Canyon’s AVID students create bonds inside the classroom and share experiences outside that classroom that produce lifelong friendships. 


I have had the privilege of watching our AVID program flourish due to the dedication of our wonderful staff and students.   If you are looking to be challenged, meet great people, and have a great time, Steele Canyon’s AVID program is the correct place for you.


Rah! Rah! Cougars!

-Mr. Parr, Principal and CEO of Steele Canyon High School

Our Vision and Values

  • Be prepared

  • Be engaged

  • Be appropriate

  • Be accountable

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